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Wedding & Party Packages

Save Money when you hire our packages. Bespoke packages are also available! 

Quality Products Hire the UK provides several tailored wedding packages suitable for couples and families who are making arrangements for their wedding receptions.






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   If our packages are not what you require please contact us.
            Luxury Full Styled Wedding Packages.
      Set up and Take down service is included in our prices.

Luxury Rose & Orchid Ceremony, Wedding Breakfast, & Reception package 1.

Package for 8 Guest Tables.
-  Acrylic Wedding welcome sign.
-  White Canopy Arch Trees, or Blossom Arch.
-  6 Large Lanterns 
-  1 Silk Rose & Orchid Ceremony flowers.
-  2 White Aisle Columns with rose and orchid flowers.
-  White Aisle Carpet.
-  Petals to line the Aisle.
Wedding Breakfast,
-  6 x Luxury Rose & Orchid flower Table Centerpieces with candles around the base.(Take 2 from above)
-  8 Table runners.
- upto 80 white chair drapes or chair cover and sash.
-  Top Table flowers to include candles along the length
-  White or Rustic Post Box
-  4ft white or Rustic Love letters.
ONLY £1,300.


Luxury Rose & Orchid Wedding package 2

Luxury Rose & Orchid Package for 6 guest tables. 
-  Ivory Blossom Arch
-  Aisle Runner,
-  6 Large Lanterns with candles.
-  Ceremony flowers.
-  Welcome sign with easel, 
Wedding Breakfast.
-   1 Top Table floral centrepiece, stem vases or Artificial candles along the length.
-   6 Rose & orchid florals displayed on a gold, or Acrylic stand with floating candles or Artificial Candles           around the base.
Upto  60 White Chair drapes, or chair covers and sash.
-   6 Table Runners.
-    White, or Rustic Love Letters.
-    White or Rustic Post Box.
ONLY £1000.


Luxury White Ceremony Package

Luxury Canopy Arch Trees.

White Aisle carpet.
6 x Large Lanterns.
6 sets of cylinder vases with candles.
2 White colums with Blossom tree.
upto 40 white chair drapes, or chair cover and sash.

ONLY £599.



Luxury Pastel Dream, Ceremony & Wedding Breakfast Package. 1

Aisle Decor.
Package for 8 guest Tables
-  Luxury Pastel Dream Arch, or white Canopy Arch Trees
-  1 x  Ceremony Flowers.
-  2 x White, or Acrylic Plyths with 2 Pastel florals on stands
-  6 Large lanterns with artificial Candles.
-  White Aisle runner.
Wedding Breakfast.
Wedding Welcome sign,
-  Top Table flowers.
-  4 x Luxury Floral ring Centrepieces with cylinder vases with candles in the centre.
-  2 x Luxury Centrepeice Table Florals on stands,  with candles to style. (Take extra 2 from above)
-  upto 80 chair drapes.
-  8 table runners.
-  White or Rustic 4ft Love letters,
- Rustic or White Post box.
ONLY £1.300


Luxury Pastel Dream Wedding Package 2.

Luxury Pastel Dream Package 2
Package for 6 Guest Table. ( Huge 75cm Florals.)
-  Pastel dream Luxury Arch.
-  Ceremony Flowers.
-  6 Large lanterns with artificial candles.
-  White Carpet
Wedding Breakfast.
-   Wedding welcome sign.
-  3 Floral wreaths Table Centrepeices with candles in the centre.
-  3 Floral Centrepeices on a gold Trumpet or Acrylic Stand.
-  Top Table flowers
up to 60 White Chair Drapes. or chair cover and sash.
-  6 table Runners.
White or Rustic post box 
White or rustic love letters.
ONLY £1,000



Luxury Rose & Wisteria Wedding Package 1

Package for 8 Tables.
-  Wedding Welcome sign,
-  1 x Floral Ceremony centrepiece
-  6 x Large lanterns,
   2 florals on white columns.
-  White Aisle Carpet.
Wedding Breakfast.
-  Greenery Moongate arch or Rose & Wisteria flower wall.
-  1 Top Table Floral centrepeice with Candles along the length
-  8 Table Runners.
-  80 white Chair drapes or Chair covers
-  2 x Florals displayed on a gold or Acrylic stand.styled with floating candles or artificial candles.around the base. 
-  4 x large Deluxe Centrepiece Floral rings with candles in the centre.
-  White vintage or Rustic Postbox.
-  4ft White or Rustic Love Letters.
    ONLY £1.300


Luxury Rose & Wisteria Package 2.

Luxury Rose & Wisteria Package 2
Package to style 6 Guest Tables.
Welcome sign.
-  Luxury Rose & Wisteria flower wall
-  6 x Large lanterns,
-  White  Aisle Runner.
-  Ceremony Flowers.
Wedding Breakfast.
-  6 Table Runners
-  upto 60 chair drapes or chair cover and sash.
-  1 x  top Table floral centrepiece. candles to style.
-  3 x Rose & Wisteria floral rings with artificial candles, or floating candles in the centre.
-  3 Luxury 75cm Rose & Wisteria flower balls on an acrylic or gold trumpet stand.
-  White or Rustic Post box
-  WhoIe or Rustic Love letters.
Only £1000


Luxury White Blossom Tree wedding package 1

Package for 6 Guest Tables.
-   Wedding Welcome sign,
-   White starlit backdrop, or ivory arch.
-   Top Table Centrepeice.
-   2 plyths with Blossom tree for either side of the top table.
-   6 Blossom Trees Table Centrepeices with flowers at the base,
-   60 White Chair drapes or chair cover and sash.
-   White Vintage Post box
-   White Table plan with pegs, (bride to add own table plan.)
-   16"Cake Stand Rustic or White.
ONLY £1000




Luxury Cherry Blossom Tree Centrepiece Wedding package 2.

Package for 8 Guest Tables.- 
Wedding Welcome sign,
-   White starlit backdrop, or ivory arch.
-   Top Table Flower Centrepeice.
-   8 Luxury Blossom tree with flowers a the base.
-   8 Table Runners
-   80 White Chair drapes or chair cover and sash.
-   White Vintage Post box
-   White Table plan with pegs, (bride to add own table plan.)
-  White 16" cake stand.
ONLY £899


Peony Centrepiece Wedding Package. 1

Package for 6 guest Tables.
White 4ft LOVE Letters
6 Floral Gold Stands with Peony silk flowers Table centerpieces
Top Table flowers,
6 Table Runners
White OR Rustic  Post Box
Welcome sign
NEW! Silver Mirror Table plan with Silver ornate Easel.
Fully decorated Blossom Arch Backdrop, or starlit backdrop
60 white chair cover and sash.or white chair drapes.
ONLY £799



Rustic Wedding Prop Package 1

4ft Rustic love letters
Table top Rustic post box
Rustic table plan displayed on gold easel, Bride to supply own cards.
Rustic welcome sign
Rustic Hoop Cake stand
Rustic Candy Cart (Unstocked.)
Only £425




Rustic Pampas Centrepiece. Wedding Package 2

4ft Rustic love letters
Rustic Heart welcome to our wedding sign.
8 Pampas grass Centrepieces
Rustic Table plan with gold easel
Rustic large postbox
Rustic LED Cake stand.
4 Hessian based Rustic Rose Bay trees
Only £499




Rustic Fresh Gyp Centrepiece Package.

Rustic 4ft Love letters
Rustic large Post Box
Rustic Table plan decorated with flowers with gold Easel.
4 Ivory Rose Bay trees in a rustic hessian base
8 centerpiece log slices, with fresh Gyp in jars, Bottle with lights, 
Set of 3 large decorated crates.
Rustic heart Welcome to our wedding sign.


Rustic Elm Package
All in one Ceremony, Wedding Breakfast / Reception Package

LUXURY Rustic Elm Package for 8 Guest tables.
-  Rustic Wedding welcome sign,
-  Ivory Cherry blossom flower arch, or White Blossom Canopy trees.
-  Rustic ceremony, choose a seat sign
-  Rustic Mr & Mrs top table/ Ceremony flower centerpiece with fairy lights, 
- 4 x Large Ivory cherry Blossom Trees on Rustic pedestals for the Aisle.
Petals lining the aisle
( Wedding breakfast, Reception)
8 Luxury Rose & Orchid or rose & Wisteria Centerpieces 
Rustic Table Plan with pegs, displayed on a gold easel.
4ft Rustic Love Letters.
4 Freestanding ivory rose bay trees displayed with a hessian base.
Rustic Post Box,
Rustic Hoop cake stand..
ONLY £1200


Birthday Party Package.

Hire 2 of our 4ft LED Numbers, Flower wall, Happy Birthday Neon Sign
all for Only £175
A delivery charge applies.


Birthday Party Package.

SPECIAL offer Birthday package. ONLY £375
Includes :

- 50 White Chair Covers with sash.
- 5 Round Table Cloths
- 2 Lifht up LED Numbers
- White LED Cake stand
- White Table top donut wall, (Unstocked)
- Copper Stand with " Lets Party" Neon stand with flowers.
A fuel charge may apply!


Party Package.

Please contact us for a quote.
?? Special offer Party Package, Only
£399  ?? ?? 
50 Chair covers and sashes
5 Table cloths.
2 light-up LED Numbers.
Happy Birthday, Neon Sign.
Ivory flower wall,
White LED Cake Stand
All of this for only £399
A delivery charge may apply!!

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