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Aisle Decor

We have a range of options for Aisle Decor


Ivory Cherry Blossom Arch.

Price £130

Our Ivory Cherry Blossom Arch is filled with Ivory Cherry Blossom and compliments our Ivory Cherry Blossom trees.

Our Arch measures, 2.5m h x 2.1m w


Rustic Backdrop with swags floral display

Price £135

Our New Rustic Backdrop is decorated with material with a floral display.
Our other option is to decorate with Pampass grass.


8ft x 8ft Luxury Hydrangea and Peony Flower wall

Price £150

Our 8x8 Luxury Hydrangea Flower wall is an Ideal Backdrop,
Decorated with Hydrangeas and Peony silk flowers.


1.8 Blossom trees displayed on Rustic Pedestal

Price £30

Our 1.8 Blossom Trees are available on our Rustic pedestals or Freestanding.


4ft Ivory Rose Bay tree with coloured sash

Price £15

Our 4ft Ivory Rose Bay Tree is available with a coloured sash of your choice standing in a white pot.


4ft Ivory Rose Bay tree with Hessian base

Price £15

Our Rustic Ivory Rose Bay Trees with Hessian base with bow, matching our range of Rustic props.


Aisle Floating Candles & Scattered Petals.

Price : £10 for 2 glass cylinder vases with floating candles.
£15 for 3 glass cylinder vases with floating candles.

Our Cylinder Glass Vases can be provided with 2 Vases or a Trio of cylinder vases with floating candles.
very attractive for decorating your Aisle or as an extra add-on for your tables.
Alternatively, Our Cylinder vases can be provided with real wax Artificial flickering candles.


White column

Price £20

Our white Columns are ideal for displaying our trees for Aisle decoration. 
Size 2'7"h x 1' square

6 Available.


White column. with 1.4 Ivory Cherry blossom trees

Price £30

Our 1.4 Cherry blossom trees are the ideal size for our white columns.


White Lanterns with artificial candles

Price £5

Our White lanterns with artificial candles are another option for decorating the Aisle.


Choose a seat sign.

Price £15

Our Rustic choose a seat sign is for placing in front of the Aisle, so as your guests can choose their seat.
Size 4'H x 1'8 Square.


Acrylic Welcome to our wedding sign with wood easel.

Price £35

Our Acrylic Welcome sign is displayed on a wood easel.


White Chiffon Vertical Drops.

Price £2.50

Our Aisle Chair Drapes are available in Chiffon with tie ribbon bow or Broaches.

Please contact us for more information.

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